The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in partnership with Integrity Watch Liberia.

January 29, 2024 – Monrovia, Liberia – The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in partnership with Integrity Watch Liberia recently held a two-day educational awareness on the ills of corruption and the benefits of its eradication.

The initiative, which was held in Tubmanburg, Bomi County brought together local leaders, community members and students.

Speaking at the opening of the program, Dr Miatta Jeh, Oversight Commissioner, for Monitoring and Investigation, and head of the LACC delegation; expressed appreciation for LACC to partner with Integrity Watch Liberia to provide corruption education and awareness to the people, especially, on the TALKAY app which is a vital tool for the ordinary people to report cases of corruption.

Commissioner Jeh emphasized that the LACC cannot fight corruption without the participation of the Liberian people. The TALKAY application provides confidence, confidentiality, and a safe platform for citizens to come forward.

Also making remarks at the opening, Mr. Harold Aidoo Executive Director/CEO of Integrity Watch Liberia, Integrity Watch Liberia thanked the LACC for the partnership and the representation it made at the highest level with the presence of Commissioner Jeh and other top officials of the Commission.

The following topics were discussed with the audience by the LACC Team:

1. Concept of Corruption

2. Anti- Corruption Mechanisms

3. Existing Laws and Policies on Anti- Corruption

On Day Two the team visited the C.H. Dewey High School, The Pentecostal Mission High School, and H.Q. Taylor Junior High School.

At the schools, the students learned the functions and composition of the LACC, current laws in place to protect citizens, and the utilization of the TALKAY app in reporting cases of corruption.

The students were provided opportunities to ask the LACC team questions and provide recommendations. The students expressed confidence that the LACC will continue educational awareness in the counties and expressed their happiness to interact with a Commissioner of the LACC. The LACC team was led by, Dr. Miatta Jeh, and included Mr. Abraham B. Sheriff, Chief of Investigation and Mr. Alfred Karnley of the Education & Prevention Department.

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