Who are suppose to Declare

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) shall issue Asset Declaration (AD) forms to officials of the three branches of government that shall be completed, signed, notarized and filed in accordance with Section 10.2 of the National Code of Conduct (NCoC) and Section 4.1 (g) of the 2022 amended and restated LACC Act by all persons occupying the following positions:

I. Legislature

1. Members of the House of Representatives

2. Members of the Senate

3. Secretary of the Senate

4. Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives

5.  Comptrollers, Procurement Officers, Departmental Directors, and Project Managers

II. Judiciary

1. Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court

2. Judges of Circuit Courts and Circuit-level Specialized Courts

3. Stipendiary and Associate Magistrates

4. Clerks of the Supreme Court, Circuit courts and Circuit-level Specialized Courts

5.  Court Administrator, Comptroller, Procurement Officers, Departmental Directors and Project Managers

III. Executive

1. President of the Republic of Liberia

2. Vice President of the Republic of Liberia

3. Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Assistant Ministers

4. Comptrollers, Procurement Officers, Customs Officers, Internal Revenue Agents, Departmental Directors, Project Managers, and Persons making decisions affecting Contracting, Tendering or procurement, and issuance of licenses of various types

5. Members of the Board of Directors, Heads, Deputy Heads, and Department Heads of Autonomous Agencies

6. Heads, Deputy Heads and Department Heads of State Own Enterprises