Report Corruption

Once you have decided to make a complaint or a report to the LACC, it is important that you present relevant information to support your complaint. Your information should include: the names and positions of people involved in the alleged conduct the public authority concerned (this will most likely be the employer or contracting agency of the person(s) of interest) the names and contact details of any person(s) who may have witnessed the alleged conduct the names and contact details of private citizens and companies who may be involved or have knowledge of the alleged conduct. specific details of the allegation(s), including the nature of the alleged conduct, when the alleged conduct occurred, when you became aware of the alleged conduct and why you suspect the alleged conduct might be corruption, misconduct or maladministration. whether you have contacted other agencies about the matter. any action taken by another agency or authority about the matter. the details of any documentary evidence you may have.
Summary of matter * For guidance about what to include, refer to What is corrupt conduct. Please include details of: what happened, when it occurred, where it occurred, why you consider the conduct is corrupt, whether you have reported it to anyone else, including any other agency, and what response you have received, if any
Personal details: It is not mandatory to provide us with your personal details. The LACC accepts anonymous reports. However if you wish to remain anonymous, bear in mind that the LACC will not be able to advise you of the outcome of the matter, nor will it be able to verify details with you or obtain any further, clarifying information from you.
Before submitting Please preview your response to the Online corruption report form. To retain a copy you should save or print your report before submitting. Please be aware that there are penalties for providing false or misleading information to the LACC. Information about penalties.