Thursday, September 20, 2018: The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) Wishes to express its concern regarding the allegation of missing container(s) and bags containing over $15 (Fifteen) BILLION Liberian Dollars which arrived in Country through both our air and sea ports during the period November 2017 to April 2018.

The LACC also considers as unfortunate, the decision of the Government to conduct an investigation into these allegations with the exclusion of the Commission on the Investigative Panel.

The LACC remains committed to probe the matter in keeping with its mandate under section 5.2(a) of the Act establishing the Commission as an independent and autonomous agency of government clothed with the authority to investigate alleged, perceived, or potential acts of corruption. Section 5.2 (b) of the LACC Act also gives the Commission the authority to investigate the conduct of ANY person, irrespective of office or status, natural or otherwise, if the conduct of the person(s) constitute corruption.

In order not to confuse the ongoing joint efforts conducted by various agencies of Government, the LACC is looking forward to receiving, reports and documentary evidence, if any, from the Government’s investigation to enhance its mandate.

The LACC wishes to assure the public that it will also collaborate with other institutions and entities undertaking similar or joint investigation in furtherance of its mandate; and is in the process of seeking external assistance, to ensure transparency, accountability and responsibilities for any criminal conduct in this matter.

Meanwhile, the LACC is pleased to inform the public that it has concluded the Asset Declaration process for public officials and will shortly release its report. The LACC commends all public officials who complied with the Code of Conduct by declaring their income, assets and liabilities.


Edwin J. Clarke, Jr.