Mission Statement

The Mission of LACC is to prevent, address and reduce corruption in the public and private sectors and
to promote good governance, integrity and the rule of law.


Ensure a coordinated, consistent, effective, realistic, and sustained fight Against Corruption;
Promote transparency, accountability, integrity and access to information at all levels of
society in Liberia’s Fight Against Corruption;
Engage and work with the citizens of Liberia and the government, business, education
and national/community based organizations in the Fight Against Corruption;
Provide a governmental and non-governmental framework for the effective participationcoordination, monitoring, evaluation and review of anti-corruption activities in the Fight
Against Corruption;
Break the culture of impunity that has engulfed Liberia by punishing people fairly, but
effectively in keeping with rule of law in Liberia’s Fight Against Corruption;
Ensure that Corruption investigations and cases are handled fairly, effectively and efficiently,
free of political influence in the Fight Against Corruption;
Promote public awareness related to the direct and indirect cost of corruption to the Liberian
people and the role of each citizen in the Fight Against Corruption;
Ensure effective monitoring of the Fight Against Corruption through oversight bodies and
mechanisms that involves the consistent participation of Civil Society



Employing professional staffs with integrity;
Working closely with Governmental/Non-governmental and private partners;
Building capacity and specialized training of LACC staff on targeted issues;
Promoting inter-agency cooperation and coordination;
Providing adequate and appropriate logistical support.

Conducting nationwide research, public, business and government opinion surveys and
annual monitoring and reporting on the state of Corruption in Liberia;
Ensuring nationwide education, information and public awareness through publications,
the media and the web;
Ensuring broad stakeholders engagements, coalition-building and advocacy on targeted
issues of utmost concern to the future of Liberia;
Conducting integrity workshops and community meetings with all key stakeholders;
Communication what acts of corruption are, their manifestations and effects on the society
and the benefits of reducing them.

Receiving and promptly acting on complaints of alleged corruption;
Working closely with the Liberian Law Enforcement Community and the Liberian society;
Conducting fair, efficient, effective, non-politicized investigation, indictments and prosecutions;
Ensuring effective but fair punishment under the rule of law;
After conviction, recover assets acquired from acts of corruption from the Liberian Government
and/or private ownerships.