LACC Respond to Restitution

 Monrovia, July 12, 2019 – The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission attention has been drawn to the Friday, July 12, 2019 edition of the Costa Show which was hosted by Mr. Henry Costa. During his broadcast, he noted that he had in his possession a copy of a report allegedly released by the LACC implicated Mr. Abu Kamara, a candidate in the upcoming by-election for District 15 in Montserrado  County, for receiving double salary payments.

The LACC wishes to inform the public that it began its restitution program dating as far back as 2014-2015 when several Institutions and individuals were made to paid millions of Liberian dollars into government’s coffer as a result of LACC’s investigation. In recent time, several former officials, current and private citizens investigated by the LACC are making restitution to the Government in a special account opened at LRA. In short, the restitution process is not a new phenomenon.

The report involving Mr. Kamara and many others with similar situation began long before the process of the Bi-election started.

The LACC prides itself for being apolitical, confidential and professional in the execution of its mandate. The Commission is concerned about the leakage of its draft report, and views this act as an attempt to undermine its integrity and credibility. 

Accordingly, the LACC takes seriously this situation, and has commissioned an immediate investigation into the leakage of its draft report in keeping with LACC’s zero tolerance for breach of confidentiality.  The public is assured that person(s) involved will be dealt with in keeping with law.

Signed: Management