James K. Kingsley

James K. Kingsley is the Program Manager for Education & Prevention.

James K. Kingsley is the Program Manager for Education & Prevention. Prior to assuming this responsibility, he served for six consecutive years as Program Manager for Administration. He brings to the position a strong credential as administrator, educator and counselor, which resonate well with his current role in an Integrity institution like the LACC. Mr. Kingsley served the Civil Service Agency (CSA) under its Senior Executive Service Program (SES) as a Guidance Counselor, and was assigned at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He has worked with the Liberia Council of Churches held positions, including Acting General Secretary. He has lectured at various tertiary institutions in the country, including the AME Zion University, William R. Tolbert Interdenominational Theological Center of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary and the West Africa School of Mission and Theology (WASMAT), where he led instructions in Philosophy of Religion, Church History, Mission, Homiletics and Christian Ethics. Mr. James K. Kingsley holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from the Graduate Program in Education (GPED), University of Liberia Graduate School. He also holds three Graduate Certificates in Administration and Management (CAM), Public Sector Finance and Micro-Finance from the Liberia Institute of Public Administration and the Cuttington University Graduate School, respectively. He has also contributed to the body of knowledge through the publication of several articles in areas he has clear authority. Mr. Kingsley in 1994 wrote a rejoinder on The Peril of Political Christianity which was published in the Inquirer Newspaper and in 2014 wrote a professional article titled: An Assessment of the Monrovia Vocational Training Center, in which he highlighted the rippled effects of having vibrant Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in the country.