Community Relations

The Unit coordinates the LACC’s mandate on Public Education on the ills of corruption and benefits of its eradication; Gives support to civil society organizations and  the media; Focuses on activities to increase citizens’ demand for greater accountability; Coordinates engagement with line ministries to emphasize the role of reform through ethics and attitude change; Ensures the public is kept aware of all activities to generally empower them for the fight against corruption; Supervises and coordinates all Anti-Corruption Community Relations Section’s field programs as well as facilitate  the development of strategic program papers and proposals on community-based and anti-corruption  issues including training of the field staff for program growth and development, in collaboration with the program Manager for Education and Prevention and the Executive Director and/or Commissioner with oversight on Education and Prevention; Leads public education on the role of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission and collaborates with the communities and schools/universities on issues of corruption in consultation with the Program Manager for Education and Prevention.