Public Relation Unit

The unit collaborates with the Education & Prevention Division in sensitizing the public on the establishment of the Commission, getting citizens to know what corruption is all about and encouraging  the population to get involve  in  fighting corruption; form and develop anti-corruption coalitions with stakeholders and partners; collaborate with the Education & Prevention Division to refine citizen’s understanding of corruption by refining public outreach programmes and publicity materials so as to reflect sophisticated message that relates to acts of corruption and the effect of corruption on their lives and on society as a whole; adopt an approach that promotes and encourages citizens to report corruption; promote empowerment  and attitude change; collaborate with the Education & Prevention Division to establish integrity clubs; work with local communities to develop an understanding and local government and the techniques for holding local government officers to account; collaborate with the Education & Prevention Division to engage with the Educational Sector to promote anti -corruption teaching at Primary and Secondary School level; supervise the Commission’s website; arrange for the supply and circulation of newspapers; prepare daily memo when applicable, on corruption reports in the print and electronic media; write press releases, statements; write promotional articles; organize quarterly media chats, press conferences, talk-shows; supervise publication of Commission’s Newsletter; and undertake other duties and responsibilities as  assigned for the smooth implementation of LACC objectives.