1. Global Witness report          of corruption


Allegation of bribery involving official of GOL for the enactment and amendment of the PPCC Laws to suit the interest of Sable Mining, a British Company.  

2. River Gee SDF/CDF


Allegation of financial impropriety and misapplication of River Gee County Development Funds (CDF) and Social Development Funds (SDF) 

3. Sparc Technology


Allegation of corruption; misapplication of entrusted property, theft of public funds by the former Auditor General, Robert Kirby and fraudulent procurement of website worth USD 45,000.00 in violation of the PPCC Act.

4. Bong Technical College


Allegation into misapplication of Bong County Social Development Funds (SDF), as well as discrepancies in the award of the contract to construct the Bong County Technical College

5. Red Cross and M2                Logistics


Allegation of corruption and/or discrepancies in the award of a contract valued over USD 800,000.00 to M2 Logistics Company.

6. IAA/Public Works               payment of PAPS


Allegation of financial malpractice and/or misconduct in the management of the Resettlement Action Plan Account at Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).

7. DJ Curley and LEAF


Allegation of ‘Conflict of Interests’ and breach of contract by Mr. Emmanuel Dolo, former Youth Advisor to the President of Liberia

8. Offshore infrastructure Ltd. (OIL) Israeli Business man


Allegation on attempted bribe.

9.  Central Bank of Liberia  (CBL)


Investigation on the status of loans given to marketers and/or business entities by the CBL.

10. Allegation of          Corruption at JFK


Allegation of corruption, including procurement fraud and money laundering at the JFK Medical Hospital

11. Complaint of                                 Misappropriationagainst 

Hon. Acarus Gray


Allegation of misappropriation of public funds by Hon.  Acarus Gray.

12. BIN and ERA  Supermarket


Allegation of bribery and/or extortion involving officials of BIN 

13. Alleged Corruption by  Management of WVS Tubman University


Allegation of administrative malpractice, misapplication of public funds, and the award of double salaries to senior administrative staff.

14. National Archives-  NCDRA


Allegation of administrative malpractice, misapplication of revenues generated from increment in the fees of marriage processing forms by the Director, Bloh Saye  and Deputy Director, Martin Kollah of the Center for National Document and Records Agency (NCDRA)